What is the new Google Analytics 4.0 update?

The latest update to Google Analytics was recently released, which adds AI insights that helps with predictive insights, tighter integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities to track users across devices, and provides more granular data controls.

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As for the previous version which also collected machine learning-based analytics insights that have been available for some time. Google Analytics 4.0 takes these new insights to be able to automatically alert marketers to data trends, such as increased demand for a product they sell.

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This new update helps predict outcomes with more accuracy such as churn rates and/or the potential revenue that could be earned from a given customer segment. This allows those in charge of these businesses to anticipate what actions their customers might take in the future in order to focus on the audience that has the most value.

Among its new updates that benefit those who have YouTube channel is Analytics will keep you informed about the views that occur both in the application and on the web, which contributes to the engagement.

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Some of the most striking differences from the previous version are:


Like the user acquisition report where you can see which channels are attracting new customers. Then, with the help of reports such as engagement and retention, we can understand the actions these customers take, which then translate into conversions. Marketers can provide their own user ID or allow Google signals to deduplicate users across devices for reporting and ad targeting.


Extended code-free capabilities make it easy for marketers to track and measure actions on the site and in the app that matter, in real time, such as scrolling down a page or playing a video, without the need to add code or set up event tracking in Google Tag Manager Although the data is typically not available until the next day.


This new mode provides separate consent options for analytics and ads, as it is designed for websites to collect end-user analytics data, giving marketers a more complete view of their customers engage with their respective businesses.


Data deletion functionality has been enhanced, allowing businesses to fulfill user deletion requests without having to delete more data than necessary. It also includes a preview mode so that businesses can verify data before permanently deleting it.

Source: Search Engine Land

The new Google Analytics 4 tool provides a more complete view of the customer lifecycle across all channels and uses that information with more predictive marketing capabilities, providing more insights and effective ways to act on that data. In S Agencia Digital we constantly update ourselves in the use of tools that allow us to make your business grow, adapting to the new needs and opportunities of the digital market.

Por:  Angelica Isabel Romero | Jr. Digital Projects Analyst of Proyectos Digitales | analista@smartsi.info

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