Types of websites

Nowadays having a web page is very important for all kind of business, in the last years the digitalization of the enterprises has become something crucial, but, it is important to recognize the web page formats that exist in order to choose what is more suitable for you, in this post we are going to divide the web pages in 3 great groups that define it, functionality, development and structure.



An e-commerce just like it is told by its translation to the Spanish it is an electronic commerce or a virtual shop on which its main function is the purchase and the sale of the products or services for electronic means, the payments and charges are made on this same way. One of the benefits of the ecommerce is that the user can personalize its shop, choose the design, also that they don’t have intermediaries in order to make the purchase to that the profits of the sale be totally for the owner


A Marketplace is a big shop where more shops offer their products, just like if it was in a mall, but on a digital way, there are many platforms of this kind just are amazon, ebay, mercado libre, among others. Unlike the ecommerce, the scope what is had with these platforms is bigger, as more people visit your website, nevertheless, there are more competitors offering the same product, on the other hand, the profit margin most be divided since the Marketplace collect a commission for the sell.



These websites are not intended to sell, but having a presence online and make known to their users, visitors or clients all the associated information with the organization. Enterprises as Uniliver, Nestlé and siemens have chosen to have corporate websites in order that your users get an extensive knowledge about them at the moment to visit the website.



An Intranet is an internal website in your enterprise or organization, developed in order to be used by the people within the company. The difference between the Intranet and a corporate website is that these are public, while the Intranet is private.



It is a website which is used in order to provide to the users or clients the relevant information about a specific topic. There are being published on regular and periodical way, short articles with updated content.



It is intended to create a community with people that shares our preferences and interests, there can be published information or products related with the common interest topic for the people of the community.



The E-learning websites or virtual campus are a virtual space of learning focused on making easier the virtual training experience, aside for the enterprises as for the educational institutions, among them can be created virtual classrooms, something that makes easier the interaction between tutors and students, and between the same students; as also the introduction of assessments, the exchange of files, the participation in forums, chat, and a broad range of extra tools.



These platforms are usually intended to entertain, into this category are found apps like Netflix or Spotify that enable the user to have a broad range of content to choose from, and to be capable to enjoy this one without necessarily having to download it.



The social media have gained every time more strength and every day the people expend the most of their time within them. It is a place where it can be found a thousand of users and possible potential clients, as a result of that networks like Instagram and Facebook have evolved to the point of including ways to promote the products, there can be generated content suitable to your brand, nevertheless, on this way the web presence is small.



The websites of these portfolios are enhanced in order to introduce the visual work in a very appealing way, therefore they used to have a lower amount of text and a very minimalist topic, so that all the attention can be put on the designs that are found there. This kind of website is ideal for designers, photographers or artist. Some examples of this category are Search Projects and GitHub.



They are web pages that are composed by just on page and are intended to inform to the visitor about a specific product, with the objective of motivating him to make a specific action what generally is that the user makes a purchase or that the user shares his data, nevertheless, it can be used so that the clients make another specific actions The website has a clear advertising nature The subpages are not used, but they look like a very detailed sales newsletter, that can prosper with videos and graphics.


These are websites that are created with a social goal, generally they are used by foundations, in order to make the public aware of the social or environmental actions which are developed with the contributions, also into the website they can make it easier for the summit funders.



They are often used by the public services websites where the client communicates, he leaves a ticket which is responded by a server or for one of the workers up-to-the-minute.




It is a site on the internet that shows the same content for all the users, instead of promoting personalized contact depending on every user, and that is not updated very often. The static web pages are also known as plat pages, and they are characterized by having HTML Code.



A CMS is a software developed in order to make affordable that every user can administer and manage web contents with ease and with not knowledge about Web programming, some of the most recognized CMS systems are WordPress, PrestaShop, Wix, among others.


It makes reference to the websites that makes it not necessary to reload the page in order to get a reaction, for example, the answer to a message. Also, after visiting one page already the files remaining stay preloaded, something that makes shorter the website loading time, these kinds of systems are used by apps as Rappi.



They are websites which are created from zero, they have no predefined code, therefore they need a total programming, the good thing of this kind of pages is that you can choose what functionality you want to offer, just like the design.


They are websites on which their settings and codes come predefined by the servers previously selected, like wix, WordPress, among others. At the moment you download them you can choose the use you want to give to your website, and they generate a predefined design whom you can add some modifications.

It is important to know the needs of your organization in order to choose properly the website format that is more suitable to you, we are experts in the creation and design of websites Share us your data in the next form, we will contact and help you to choose and design the perfect website for your business.

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