Here are some examples of ways to create effective e-mail subjects

It is certain that every day you have an overload of emails, now let’s imagine the content that all registered users have in your database. There are various investigations of marketers that says that the most of the recipient have passed some seconds in order to decide if they open or not an e-mail. The most of their choices are based only on the examples of the subject line of the e-mail, something that can be vital so that the enterprises and entrepreneurs consume your contents.

If you do not wish that your e-mails, be an unnecessary disorder in the inbox of somebody, it is necessary to design a very structured subject. When we speak about marketing campaigns by e-mail, it is not about just sending a newsletter or only informative newsletter. The engagement by e-mail has a lot more to offer, and in all the cases, the subject lines of the e-mail play a vital role.

Before beginning to write: It is necessary to consider what kind of e-mail campaigns you want to send: I have a campaign with an automated flow (What should I do in order to look like more natural), I make campaigns drip type (What shall I offer to captivate again my costumers), I have auto response in my e-mails (what should I include so as not to confuse my users) or campaigns focused to strengthen the sales (what should include from the value proposal of my products or services)

After being identified, I should think about how it is lined up to my digital strategy:

Include times (2 days left, you have 24 hours for…) improve significantly the opening rate


Let’s tell a little about what is your mail for without telling the specific detail what you want to communicate.


Alternate the subjects, don’t write always the same thing, innovate depending on the objective and change the structure.


Lastly, if your users already know your history, it is not a good idea to repeat it. Let’s be sure that you are sharing news or subjects that are interesting for your community.

  • It is an only mail or only the first e-mail in the e-mails sequence that are configured to follow.  For example, I want to invite you to register for a demonstration or a new product, What is going to be the first e-mail that receives. It could be a welcome e-mail message, and it is going to be the first e-mail that our brand is sending to him, therefore it shall have its name included in the subject line and the content. For example: Paola, now you are premium user!
  • Our clients don’t reach to the use and benefits of the website, we could write a subject that helps him with tips to begin from this point.For example: Learn in 2 minutes how to use the price cut.
  • You want to give the thanks by the growth of your community, I could write a little subject but powerful, for example: ¡Now we are more than 10,000 in our community!
  • You got configured an auto response for the users who have finished the course. I can build a simple subject and with a call to action. For example: Juan, here is the certificate!
  • You have got a log for a free web seminar. It is necessary to write a subject so that the open of the e-mail can be effective, and the user can verify the e-mail. An example can be: You just need to take a step to access to your free course.

There is not a definitive formula, but it is necessary to manage and see which subjects increase the opening rate from your e-mail campaign. Consequently, we share other elements that have also assisted us to improve the effectiveness in the e-mail subjects:


Ideally the best for the consumption in tablets and mobiles has a length from 25 to 35 characters, while in other clients of mail like Outlook -30 and 40 characters is the ideal.


✊?? Do the emojis help you to highlight on a graphical and fast way in front of the other mails? You can include them before or after the subject


According to the defined communication style, it generates a link or connects with the emotions of your audience.


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