The importance of reflecting your personal brand on your website

Currently, the possession of a website is absolutely necessary, we live in an age where the consumer is proactive and explores before getting a service or buying a product. The website is tuned into the first point of contact and can be a decisive factor in order to make a deal or break it up, in other words, it can turn a possible client (lead) into a true client. Currently, the design of a website requires keeping in mind many different technical factors, especially in order to optimize the positioning on the search engines (SEO), but it must never be put aside the objective of LINKING THE BRAND WITH THE USER.

The website is an extent of your personal brand, whereby it acquires a personality. Here we get into a concept of market very used currently “The personality of the brand”, that is not more than a set of characteristics and values attributable to the humans that enables them to interact in a society and create relationships with other human beings. For us, it is easy to create a connection, to relocate it to the website is something very different, more when the average time which the user expends on a website goes from 25 to 60 seconds..

To achieve a successful communication by a website, the first question we have to do is:Does the enterprise message is aligned? With what is presented on the website? It means, if the person/enterprise sells a corporate, banking, financial, or health service, the graphic communication used must be easy and concise. The design, the colors and fonts need to work a slim-line that conveys sobriety and aligned to the service that is pretended to offer.

Another relevant point to consider is How are you communicating your message? On what communication tone is your enterprise speaking? A lot of people pretend to copy what is already successful for another companies, and they do not develop their message based on the unique features of their enterprise, which is where are located the strengths and weaknesses.

Author: Lia Correal

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