The importance of the Off- Page SEO in digital marketing

The Off- Page SEO is mainly focused on all the external techniques to the brand, this Off Page is what does not belong to the page but is useful to give it importance or relevance. The On-Page SEO is equally important, however, the Off Page provides an added value because, for example, the links that bring public to your page Google understands that the page shares content of great value, to such an extent that other pages cite us, thus helping to increase trust.

Which is better Off-Page SEO or On- page SEO? This doubt was solved by Javier Marcilla in his blog NinjaSeo, he says that both are equally important, because you should not neglect one to focus on another, the On Page gives us content and internal optimization, but the Off Page gives us authority, because we are present in external content from other content creators.

Having clear the importance of the Off- Page SEO, we want to share with you what techniques you should incorporate in your page to get that recognition, take note!


A blog benefits your Off- Page SEO, but it depends on the type of content you publish, the fact that you have a blog with interesting content, with value, that won’t be easy to find on the internet also, the constant motivation can help you to get others to share it, although the Off- Page SEO is something that we cannot control directly, we can interfere having such a good content that deserves to be read, this is directly related to the next point, the content.


The content that you offer must be long, yes, as you read, it must have a minimum amount of characters to be perceived as reliable and have important information, it will not be the same an article that has 200 words talking about a topic compared to another that has 1000, keep this in mind so that people who want to put links of references take you as their first choice.

Social media

In this case, Juan Núñez tells us that links from social networks are nofollow, this means that they will not provide the desired authority to our page, but if there is a large number of public that enters to the link Google will take it into account and it will benefit us directly for positioning, so it is a good option if you know that you will have a high interaction.

Guest author

If you want to have more recognition of your page you can participate as a guest: You can contribute your opinion on another page and if your content is relevant people will be interested in you, making inevitably born the need to enter that link where you recommend your page.

Content innovation

Show your content in a different way, if usually your content is a written article change it for a creative and organized infographic, or a conceptual graphic that shows the information in a different way, this can have a great positive impact for your page and will attract the attention of more people. You can even use resources such as videos, topic of the next point.

Create videos

If you are used to only make written content, try to create videos, you can publish them for example on youtube, there, if other people find it, they will be redirected to your page; a big part of a successful Off- Page SEO is creativity, because it is to find the way that people find your content in different media.

Finally, we want to close with a comment from Javier in his Xplora blog: «This type of SEO requires dedication and is not suitable for the impatient» we could not agree more, and this applies to any marketing strategy in general, you need patience and wait for the best results. That is why in S Agencia Digital we do not promise miraculous results, but realistic ones.